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Figure 2

From: GM-CSF-loaded chitosan hydrogel as an immunoadjuvant enhances antigen-specific immune responses with reduced toxicity

Figure 2

OVA-specific immune responses in mice immunized with 50 μg of OVA solution, CH-HG containing 50 μg of OVA, and CH-HG containing 50 μg of OVA and 50 ng of GM-CSF. Sera were collected from immunized mice (3 per group) 2 weeks after the last immunization and were used to characterize OVA-specific antibodies. Mice received an immunization with 50 μg of OVA per mouse via subcutaneous injection. Seven days after immunization, experimental groups were boosted. (A) Titers of OVA specific IgG. (B) Titers of OVA specific IgG for humoral or cellular immune response. The data are presented as the means±S.D. (n = 5), (*p <0.001, (**p <0.002).

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